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Grilled meat Shop in the corner of Lake Kawaguchi.
A house for adults seeking value for both taste and quality

Hospitality with a notch of material, such as "Kobe Beef", which has little chance of seeing you.

A 5-minute walk from Kawaguchiko station [Wagyu Yakiniku YORITOMO] It is a shop that gives bliss to the people who visited it with the selection of meat including Japanese Wagyu of A5 rank. With the highest class of luxury Wagyu boneless short rib, we also offer a variety of rare and upscale parts that can only be taken from a single cow, such as the top blade, full tenderloin and Chuck flap. We deal with Kobe beef, which is a small opportunity to see in Yamanashi Prefecture, and we want to introduce it to adults who demand a solid value for both taste and quality.

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